About Us

Cherry Blossom Business News

Hi! My name is Nancy and with my team of wonderful people we will be delivering news about business.

We are based on Washington DC and you guessed it: We love the annual watch of Cherry Blossoms on DC. We look forward to this event every year and we feel very inspired. We like to compare opportunities to the blossom of a cherry. Sometimes, opportunities will appear once a year and we have to be extra careful to be able to take them and make the grow.

We want to take a different approach than the traditional. We know that the world of business can be cold and sometimes very serious. We want to make it more friendly for everyone. In the past years women have been more involved and with more power in the world of business and those are great news. We want to keep encouraging women into taking action in this wonderful field. With the internet anyone has the opportunity to make a living online, but there are so many options that sometimes it is overwhelming.


Students, stay-at-home moms or dads and even elders can take the advantage of the information era and earn some extra bucks (or even make a full time living).

Cherry Blossom Business News will provide information on the latest trends, modes and types of business. From internet business to local business we will cover a little about everything. We would also like to collaborate with you so give us a shout out at our contact page and we can work together.